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Cash Inflow 

This table tracks the accumulated lot sales, cash inflow amounts, loan reduction and equity rollover amounts, accumulated loan reduction and equity rollover - matching these items to project time periods. What is equity rollover? When dealing with a phased project, in the event the initial or subsequent bank loan is paid off prior to the beginning of the subsequent phase, project equity accrues at the bank’s principal reduction percentage requirement during the time the loan is paid off and the beginning of the subsequent phase (e.g. the month the first lot in the subsequent phase is sold). I refer to the accrued equity as 'equity rollover'. It may be likened to internal financing through retained earnings. This in effect reduces the amount borrowed from the bank on the subsequent phase(s).

Time periods 39 through 74 are omitted here.

As is the case with any output page the cash inflow table can be printed. Click on the links below to see any of the model output pages.

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