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Model Consistency

The LDM consists of a single input page upon which the user enters values of variable land development components. Entry to the input page is easy by clicking the down arrow in the name box (the name box is where excel displays the cursor’s cell location). Click sequentially on categories A through I and enter variable numeric values as the cursor moves from field to field. Using the name box as suggested will provide model logic as entries are made in an intuitive order (e.g. name box categories are: phases and options, number of lots, prices and revenue, costs, construction and absorption, builder deposits, bank requirements, seller financing and non-mandatory entries for profit calculation).

Note: When using the name box drop down menu for data entry, use the tab or enter key and make entries as prompted until the cursor returns to the first field displayed for any given menu category (the   initial field will not be blank). Next, return to the name box and click the next category – and so on.










The model consistency section of the model alerts you to inconsistencies as well as entry and non-entry errors. It also prompts and directs you as to how to correct the inconsistencies.
The answers to all questions in the model consistency section must be 'Yes' or 'N/A' or you have made one or more entry errors.


If you wish to ask us a question about the model, 'Contact Us' and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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