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Output Tables and Schedules

Once relevant land development components are entered to the LDM input page, several model output tables and schedules are generated. They include a project summary table, a profit by phase table, annual profit and cash flow tables, a lot sale schedule, a key variables page, a cash inflow table, an interest calculation table, and an owner tax calculation page. Simply click on the links or page tabs on the LDM input page to activate the tables and schedules.

The project summary table provides revenue, cost, and profitability measures on a total project basis. The profit by phase table displays revenue, cost, and profitability measures on a per phase basis and the profit table and cash flow table provide annual projections of profit and cash flow on a calendar year basis. The lot sale schedule identifies how many lots are sold annually by phase as well as when lots from multi phase projects come on line. The cash inflow table calculates the time and amount of cash inflows as well as increases and decreases in the project loan balance. The interest calculation table displays the progression of interest payments on the bank loan, and if applicable, interest payments on the seller loan. The key variables page summarizes many key variables and results calculated by the LDM. And finally, the owner tax calculation page is used to estimate individual owner's tax liability based on his or her percentage ownership and filing status. All tables and schedules can be printed.

Click on the links below to view each of the LDM output pages as generated by the sample project entries.  

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Profit, Cash Flow, Profit Summary & Lot Sale Schedule

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