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Model Consistency & Prompts 

The model was recently upgraded to include an intuitive data entry sequence by clicking on excel's 'Name Box' feature. Additionally, labeling and descriptions on the Input Page have been modified to align the model to the three stage land subdivision process.

The model's powerful 'what-if' capability allows for modification of the land development components to measure variations in
profitabilityprompt column and model consistency section are incorporated to the LDM input page to identify entry errors or omissions. Notations in the prompt column and consistency section identify input errors or inconsistencies and direct you to the corrective measure.  

The prompt column of the LDM input page includes a series of directing and correcting prompts. Note the correcting prompts on lines 8 and 11 below. They indicate entry errors have been made - lines 4 and 8 must match (total number of lots) and the number of phases must be consistent.

Note the directing prompts on lines 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10. They tell you what to do! All you need to do is follow directions. Because this is a 2 phase project, the directing prompt on line 7 says '< make no entry'. If this were 3 phase project, line 7 would read '< enter # of lots in phase 3'.  

Note line 8 of the prompt column below.

Note the "No" entry on line 13 and line 22 of the prompt column below. There is no builder deposit but an entry has been made on line 22 even though the prompt column says "Make No Entry".

The errors and omissions are identified in the model consistency section of the LDM.

Once the corrections are made the model consistency section will look like this.

If you wish to ask us a question about the model, 'Contact Us' and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have seen enough and would like to purchase the LDM, click the 'Buy Now' link below, and remember, the purchase is totally refundable if you are not 100 percent satisfied. 

       Additionally, the LDM comes with an accompanying file that provides for Side-By-Side comparison of a                  single project under up to six component combination scenarios (e.g. 1 phase vs 2 phase, with and without          builder deposits, with or without seller financing, with or without residual land, etc.) or Side-By-Side                     comparison of up to six separate and distinct projects.

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